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All about duct tape.
I sell duct tape stuff

I can make:
messenger bags-24

so far that's it. Im working on anything else, i live in pennsylvania so it's about 4 dollars for shipping and stuff, and i charge that within the price. Sorry if it seems so much but it's a lot to send stuff now adays. If you wanna order something leave a message in the community or email me, i'd love to make something for you
i have
red black white yellow green blue silver brown light brown and camo

If you want it to say something I can write something on a piece of paper and cover it with CLEAR duct tape. Just let me know what you want it to say. I can do a combo of two colors anymore is a dollar more. Okay I hope I dont sound wayyy expensive if you want you can try to talk me down but I have to pay for tape and shipping so please be considerate. I need you to send the payment the same day I send the package and you can email me or IM me and let me know. That's the rules and stuff so thanks a bunch and I appreciate it
<3 Nora*
p.s. im gonna try and get more colors soon. Ill put some pictures up asap.
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